What is the best age to learn self defense?

What is the best age to learn self defense?

People often ask me when is a good time to start learning self defense. The obvious answer is “as early as you can”. The younger you are the better it is. In reality though, you can start learning Krav Maga at any time! When you learn Krav Maga you increase the chances of defending yourself and surviving- regardless of your age.

Kids and Adults Learning Krav Maga

Kids have different maturity level- both at the personality and physical levels. Just as some children grow up faster and others take a bit more time, the same is for maturity level. Some kids are able to pay better attention and learn certain movements faster, and in general grasp the material quicker, while others may require some more time. What is most important is that children are having fun and want to learn Krav Maga. When being forced to perform some activity, it will not be sustainable, meaning you will no longer want to do it since it is no longer fun and motivating. So we definitely recommend to allow your children to try Krav Maga and self defense; if they enjoy it, you’ll see- they will stick with the program.

For teenagers and adults, there are different reasons for training. For example, you may want to join to get fit, learn self defense, or simply do it for the social aspect (getting out of your normal routine to perform a unique activity, meet new people and make new friends). Or you may join because of all of the above reasons. Regardless of the reason, similarly to the kids, you must want to learn it, otherwise it will not be enjoyable and you will not stick with it.

So should I start learning Krav Maga now?

The best age to start is as soon as you can, the younger you are, the better it is. You will acquire the moves faster and be able to practice them longer and thus adapt your body to the instinctive movements on which the defenses are based on. But at the same time, remember that is it never too late, whenever you are ready and willing to learn the technique- that is the best time for you to start learning it!