What are the elements of an attack?

What are the elements of an attack?

An attack has a number of elements, some we can change or control and the others we cant.

The three elements include:

  • The Attacker
  • The Victim
  • The Location

Unfortunately the attacker is the element we cannot change. We cannot control when an attacker will strike, and how or what they will use to attack someone.

The elements we can manipulate

There is one element we can manipulate – the victim. With time and proper training, a “victim” can become the warrior. Over time and with practice we can change our reaction towards any attack, and be able to defend ourselves and know how to react under stress.

Another element we can change is the location. Most attacks usually occur in specific locations such as dark alleys, parking lots, late at night in a secluded area or street, isolated parks etc. In these places where there are not a lot of people to begin with, it would be difficult to ask for help, and there usually won’t be anyone around to lend a hand. Even if you scream for help, since such areas are secluded and isolated from the rest of the public, it may not help.

The easiest element you can manipulate in any attack:

We can definitely manipulate this element quickly, by just avoiding going to these places. It might sound “crazy” because you might think, “ but I have to park underground, it’s the only place to park my car, so what can I do?” Well, if this is the only option, another tip is to try and go in groups. Going in groups will intimidate any attacker, and will reduce the likelihood that something will happen. When walking outside in the dark, you can also talk on the phone, this way there is someone ‘looking after you’ remotely.

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