What are the Best Self Defense Techniques

What are the Best Self Defense Techniques

Today there are a lot of martial arts and self-defense techniques. It must be understood that no martial art is better than another, and there is no perfect martial art style. Each style arises from a specific need, so they all have specific objectives.

If your goal is self-defense, there are different techniques in self-defense focused on. Starting from the premise that none is better than another, we will analyze some well-known disciplines.

Foot fights

If we think of a match between two people, we can think of Boxing and Muay Thai. These sports have some self-defense techniques that will give you the tools for the best way to get out of a foot fight. In the case of (mixed martial arts) MMA, you will also learn to defend yourself on the floor. However, it is better to avoid fights as much as possible but it is also important that you know how to defend yourself in case you have no escape.

Multiple opponents or group fights

Now, what happens if there are more than two people involved in the fight? In that case, there is a self-defense technique that can give great contributions in this field: Keysi Fighting Method (KFM). Obviously, you have to be realistic. No martial artist, no matter how experienced, could get out of a fight against several people without being slightly harmed. You will learn how to defend yourself and attack by covering your vital parts (especially the head). This will give you the opportunity to stand up and escape whenever possible.

Aggressors with white weapons

And what happens if one of the people involved in the fight takes out a knife? When running is the best, you can learn some parkour techniques to have an advantage when it comes to escaping. To learn to defend yourself in a confrontation against a knife, you can train Kali or Silat. These martial arts will help you be prepared for clashes against armed opponents. You will also learn to handle weapons. Since in this case, you have a more powerful weapon.

Firearms attacks

In the event that you are surprised by an armed attacker (either with a knife or firearm), knowing self-defense techniques from Krav Maga will be very useful. In this martial art, you will learn to defend yourself from these types of situations. By the way, you train, you will also learn to control your instincts and fears as much as possible.