Self Defense in Toronto

Self Defense in Toronto

Self-defense is becoming increasingly popular in Toronto, and the world!

Learning KravMaga, or self-defense is the way to become more confident, know how to defend yourself, and keep yourself safe. You never know what situation you will find yourself in, and being prepared is always to your advantage.

This simple, natural, and yet effective form of martial arts has been used in many top Hollywood movies. In the movie Collateral, Tom Cruise made his fans fall in love with the art. Leonardo Dicaprio made his fans crazy with his stunts in the movie Blood Diamond.

Hillary Swank took up Kravmaga to get a Boxer-like Body in her film Million dollar Baby. Along with Jessica Chastain (The Debt) and also Jennifer Lopez (Enough) presented this art in the best possible way. This led to the immense popularity of KravMaga.

Why are more people learning Self Defense in Toronto?

Here are a few reasons why more people are taking up Self Defense:

  • Sharpen your Reflexes:The trainers of Self Defense in Toronto undergo rigorous training and apprenticeship before being certified to teach. In fact, the training includes a strong emphasis on ensuring the physical and emotional safety of participants.
  • Stay Safe:As attacks have improved and changed over time, KravMaga has also made significant changes in its defenses. At our KravMagaMaleh studio in Toronto, you will learn the most authentic KravMaag techniques as they are currently taught in its origin country. Krav Maga Maleh in Toronto has become more instinctive, faster and stronger than before.
    • De-Stres:KravMaga provides a fantastic way to let loose and eliminate all your worries. Learning defense techniques teach you how to control your emotions in a better way.

Why Choose KravMagaMaleh?

      • No other program in Canada gives you the chance to train with an Israeli expert instructor. You will have the opportunity to learn authentic Krav Maga with ourhead instructor, Gil Katz!
      • Whether your goal is fitness or self defense, you will achieve both!
      • Increase your confidence level.
      • Women will gain self defense skills that will increase their confidence level.
      • Children will gain more self-esteem to stand up for themselves!

KravMaga – A Realistic and practical form of self-defense any woman can learn!

At KravMagaMaleh we offer a variety of programs, including classes tailored for women- only. Teaching  self-defense for women is the best way to make women prepared for any situation. KravMaga will teach you the skills and knowledge required to defend yourself, and it will also help you get fit and tone your body!

KravMagaincludes all the fundamental fighting skills that any woman can learn. For example, in our classes we work on how to properly kick, punch, elbow, and we also learn other useful defenses against various situations.

So, hurry and join KravMagaMalah to learn Self Defense in Toronto.