Private Session

Private Session


Warm-up and fitness work out

Technique Training 

Summary – approx. 5 minutes

Together we will design a special class that fits with your needs and goals.

We help students increase their confidence level and improve their mental and physical abilities by focusing on the following fields:

1) Fitness only training
2) Fitness and Krav Maga training
3) Krav Maga only training
4) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training
5) Sparring training


Physical attractiveness
Sports performance
General physical health
Pleasure of the activity

How will you benefit from a Private Session?

Our private sessions are built based on your needs and your schedule. They can be focused more on fitness training, Krav Maga training, or a combination of both trainings. Our head expert instructor will provide you with his full attention, and adjust the learning experience to your level. As a result, you will be able to learn faster and accurately the proper technique. Sessions will not only be fun and engaging, but challenging and educational to encourage mental and physical growth.

Motivation to Succeed

Throughout the private sessions, we will aim to reach set goals, overcome obstacles, while at the same time provide you with feedback and the motivation to succeed. Working together one-on-one will allow results to be maximized in minimum time. As the sessions progress, you will notice an increase in energy level and better health. You will gain the confidence and strength required to tackle any life situation.

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