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Gil Katz

Gil Katz has been involved with various schools of Martial Arts in Israel since 1993. In 1995, he started his Krav Maga training and shortly became one of the top students of Guy Dar, the Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Maleh. In 2003, he was authorized as a first degree Black Belt and a Krav Maga Instructor. In 2011, Gil achieved the level of second degree Black Belt and in 2015, he was further authorized as a third degree Black Belt.

Gil Katz had the honour of training personally with the great Master, Eli Avikzar in several unique Krav Maga seminars. Since 2001, Gil Katz has had thousands of hours of teaching in Israel, Canada, and the United States. Along with his rich Krav Maga experience, Gil Katz also has military experience as a combat soldier in one of the elite units of the paratroopers of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).

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